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Google Local Optimization, Training, Consulting and White Label

Do you need Google+ Local HELP? Is the new Google Local ranking algo giving you grief?
Are the constantly changing Google Local guidelines, quirks and bugs driving you crazy?
And now to top it all off, the whole game changes to Google My Business???
Having a hard time keeping up with all the changes? We can help!


.:. Google Local Optimization & Consulting (For Dentists, Doctors, Attorneys & Business Owners)

.:. ADVANCED Google+ Local TRAINING (For EXPERIENCED Google Local Consultants and SEOs Only)

We don't offer beginner Google Local training, this is advanced training, designed to take experienced Local Search Consultants to the next level of success. You need to have demonstrated experience with the Google My Business dashboard to benefit from this knowledge. I cover ALL the very most important ranking techniques, time-saving tricks, best practices and troubleshooting tips. I help you learn how to avoid or jump over the most common time-eating Google bugs, quirks and problems. I teach advanced tips and techniques that even seasoned pros have never heard of or uncovered on their own.

(Updated to cover Google My Business and all the recent changes)

Includes: 8 videos, 9+ hours, 65 pages of training docs with 194 links to more detailed information.
All training is done by Linda, via video with extensive training docs that go even more in-depth.

No more scheduling problems associated with "Live" training! The course has also been totally updated to cover all the latest Google changes that affect your process and your clients and really helps to clear the confusion. Private Local Search Pro forum includes tons of "insider tips" and more.

The most common reaction I hear from experienced local search consultants and agencies is:

"Wow! We've been doing G+ Local for years and had no idea we were missing so much important info, shortcuts and optimization techniques. Wish I'd known this all along. Would have saved us from so many problems!"

The new training was just totally updated to cover all the Google My Business update and all the changes.
More detailed course info here and see reviews here.

Use Contact Form to request training info and I'll send overview, topics covered & options.

.:. Local SEO TRAINING (On-site Local SEO and Local Hooks Techniques)
Course covers ON-SITE SEO which is where you can typically move the needle the most in the new "blended" local algo. I have secret sauce tips NO ONE ELSE shares that Google LOVES for local! I teach showing real world examples of clients Iíve gotten top rankings for. I give you the exact formula. My typical results boost clients an average of 10 spots - just with on-site SEO, no backlinks. You'll see example of one Dentist I got DOUBLE #1 for City + Dentist - #1 organic (above local) AND "A" in blended. You'll learn exactly how to do it. PLUS I have an automated Local SEO template system that does most of the work for you. Boils about 3 hours of work down to 10 minutes. Detailed info here. (Use Contact Form)

.:. Google Local Consulting & Troubleshooting for the Industry (For SEOs and Agencies)
We specialize in analyzing ranking drops and getting to the bottom of tough cases like merges, duplicates and other complicated Google Local problems that need research and troubleshooting. (Use Contact Form)

.:. NEW! White Label Google+ Local Outsourced or Reseller Services
If you have local business customers but don't want to deal with Google Places AKA Google+ Local AKA Local Google+ Business pages... then we're here for you! Are you... .:. An organic SEO company that does not have time to mess with Google Local? .:. A local search consultant that thought this would be easy and found out it's not? .:. A local SEO company that realizes your strength is in sales and you are frustrated with the back end (and all the Google changes)? .:. A marketing agency that either wants to outsource or occasionally has overflow work you can't fulfill?

Want to keep your client relationships and have someone else do the grunt work on the back end?
Then simply use the contact form, fill us in on your needs and we'll be in touch.

.:. Google Local Referral Network - We have a network of highly trained Google Places consultants and Local SEO specialists as well as Google Places tools we can refer you to, if you need help we can't provide.

Why Catalyst? Why Linda?

Google top contributorLinda was selected as a Google Top Contributor and works directly with upper management at Google Places to help users in the Google Places Forum as well as testing and critiquing new Google Places features, improvements and updates.

Google Places OptimizationLinda was honored to be selected as a Local Search Ranking Factors contributor, along with a small distinguished group of leading local search marketing experts. Local Search Ranking Factors, is considered THE local search “industry bible”.

I have over 11 years of Internet marketing and SEO experience. I have done major long term Internet marketing campaigns for companies as large as Google Affiliate Network, Microsoft and National Geographic.

Linda was also selected as a Google Top Contributor and works directly with upper management at Google to help users in the Place forum as well as testing and critiquing new Google Places features and updates.

We use and teach WHITE HAT OPTIMIZATION ONLY! Some local SEO companies will use black or gray hat techniques that MAY work for awhile, but eventually can get you banned or penalized. Google LOVES the way we optimize because we stay within their guidelines - so you'll get long term results that last the test of time. Many clients come to us after other SEOs have over-optimized their Place Page and they are penalized. So we have to clean their Places up and re-rank them. However we know and utilize every ETHICAL technique for getting top rankings and have a list of happy, top ranked clients to prove it.

If YOU want to have YOUR company listed near the top of the 1st page in Google LOCAL, we can help! Call us today to set up a time for a free phone consultation so we can evaluate your needs and find out the best way to help you reach your goals.